Welcome to a Children's Story Collection about
Alvie, the Little Brown Burro!

Enjoy this fun and entertaining collection of free children's stories about a small, brown, toy burro named Alvie. Just click this link to see the entire collection of stories. Children of all ages will enjoy the stories about Alvie but they are specifically designed for preschoolers.

You can HEAR Alvie's stories being read aloud by Barbara M. Nelson!

Just choose a story below and follow the instructions to open the free audio recording files.

A L V I E' S   S T O R I E S

Your children will enjoy listening to you read the stories about Alvie to them. When you finish reading each story, talk with your children about the "What Alvie Learned" section and ask them the discussion questions at the end of each story. Your children will grow and learn from these fun and adventuresome tales.

It's Important to Read to Your Children! Find out why on our Parenting Resources page.

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