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Alvie the Little Brown Burro's First Christmas

If you read Alvie's first two stories - and I hope you have - you know that not only did Alvie recently find a new home, but he got his name 'Alvie' as well. He enjoyed living with his new family and especially now that it was almost Christmas time.

Now Alvie was a pretty smart little burro - just ask him if you don't believe me - and he was very observant too. He noticed a lot of things about his new home. He noticed that it was all decorated for the Christmas holidays. There was a Christmas tree in the den, and one in the living room too! There were holly and berries and bright lights and shiny decorations everywhere in his new home. It was BEAUTIFUL!

Oh, he was so very happy!

He liked to sing along with the Christmas music on the radio. His favorite song was the "Chipmunk Song" because that's where his name 'Alvie' came from.

Alvie liked other songs too. He noticed that most of the Christmas songs were about being thankful and giving gifts to other people to let them know how much you love them.

Unfortunately, Alvie didn't have any money at all, and he couldn't drive, so he did not have a way to give a gift to his two new parents.

What a delimma!

One evening, just a couple of days later, his Mommie and Daddy walked into the kitchen and they looked different. They were all dressed up. His Mommie had on a sparkley green dress. His Daddy had on a dark suit with a bright red tie. They looked very spiffy!

Alvie couldn't help himself, "Oh, you both look so pretty!" he exclaimed.

"Why, thank you Alvie." said Mommie. "We are going to a Christmas party and we want to look festive."

"Oh, that sounds like fun," said Alvie. "I wish I had a spiffy Christmas outfit to wear."

His Daddy said, "Oh, Alvie! You are so funny! I'm so glad you came to live with us. And you know what? You DO need a nice Christmas outfit. But I don't think we have any clothes small enough to fit you."

"That's right," said Mommie. "However, I have some beautiful red and green ribbons left over from wrapping gifts. They will look great tied in a big bow around your neck." And quick as a wink, his Mommie tied the ribbons in a big bow around his neck.

"Well, that does look very festive," said Daddy. "Look in the mirror, Alvie. Do you like your Christmas outfit?"

photo of Alvie at Christmas

"Oh, I love it!" exclaimed Alvie. "I look like a Christmas burro. You are the best Mommie and Daddy in the world. You are so good to little Alvie. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

You see, Alvie remembered the words of the songs on the radio about how important it is to be thankful, especially at Christmas.

Alvie and his new parents joined together in a big group hug!

Alvie had his best Christmas ever! He had gotten so many wonderful gifts - a new, happy home, a name with an important meaning, a good Mommie and Daddy, and a beautiful Christmas outfit. He was one lucky burro!

And so, Alvie's first Christmas in his new home came to a very happy end.

What did Alvie learn? He learned to be grateful for all the wonderful gifts he had received this special Christmas.


Here are some good discussion questions to ask your children after reading them Alvie's story:

1. What time of year is it in the story?
2. What did Alvie notice about his new home?
3. When Alvie's Mommie and Daddy walked into the kitchen, what looked different about them?
4. What did Alvie get for a Christmas outfit?
5. What did Alvie say to his parents when they gave him his new outfit?
6. What did Alvie learn?

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